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Kingfisher Class


Dear Parents and Carers,

With our overnight trip away fast approaching, we will be in touch with details about that very soon indeed!


TOPIC: Our main Geography topic this summer has the overarching enquiry question:

“How does water affect our planet?” This will involve trying to answer some of these questions to prompt our learning: Where does the water in the sea come from? How do the rivers take the water to the sea? What features do rivers have? Some of our literacy will also be linked to this topic later in the Summer and so will our DT project this term.

MATHS: There will still be a BIG focus on times tables learning, particularly as our Y4’s will be doing the Government's statutory MTC (times tables check) this term. There is full information at this link -

https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/multiplication-tables-check - but the main thing you need to be aware of at this stage, is that it states: All schools must administer the MTC to all eligible year 4 pupils between Monday 3 June and Friday 14 June.

Therefore, we will be setting a date for our school in due course. (Should a child miss the date, then we are allowed to test afterwards within a certain time frame). We will give more information about this nearer the time - but please do not worry unduly about it as we do lots of practice at school In class - and if children have been learning their times tables, they will be fine! Each week, we will continue with the usual times tables learning and tests on a Monday with Mrs Wiseman and there will be a further mock MTC done on laptops / tablets each Friday, first thing with Mrs Evans. (This will include Y3’s so that they begin to get used to the whole idea!) Topics in maths this term, for both year groups, will include more fraction work, multiplication, division, measure and capacity, shapes and angles. 

LITERACY: As we didn’t have time last term due to our marvellous Ancient Greek learning and assembly, we will now do the ‘The Write Stuff’ unit based on a book inspired by Norse myths, called ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’. We will also have some focussed lessons on developing core grammar skills. Later in the term, we will do some writing linked to our water geography topic. 

Also, we will also have a really big, positive focus on our reading skills using ‘VIPERS’ (Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explaining, Retrieval and Summarising. There is a link to our webpage here, which will tell you more about the VIPERS approach:  https://www.wilbyprimary.org.uk/English/(scroll down!); information on the VIPERS skills progression for each year group can be found here: https://www.wilbyprimary.org.uk/docs/VIPERS_Progression_of_Reading_Skills_Wilby_School.pdf

SCIENCE: We will have a brief look at ‘States of Matter’ - solids, liquids, gases and follow this with learning about ‘Animals and their Habitats’:                                  What is a Living Things? and How can we protect our habitats?

PSHE: We will be learning about Health and Safety - including: learning to look after and take responsibility for our own health and safety and we will also look into ‘What is growth Mindset Education?’

RE: This summer, our Big Question is: What beliefs drive people to make a difference in the world? with a focus in the first half term on - Why do Humanists use the golden rule as a basis for morality?    followed by Is the cross a symbol of love, sacrifice or commitment for Christians? during the second half term.  

ICT and MUSIC lessons will be taught by Mr Haynes on Mondays, and French on Wednesday afternoons will continue to be taught by Mrs Walpole.

DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY: This unit is based on understanding what we mean by 'Information Design’. Children will be using skills learnt in Science during the Autumn term (about circuits) to design and make information posters (to educate people /or as if for a museum display). This may be linked to their Water Geography Topic.

ART: Children will explore formal drawing and sculpture skills - like line, mark making, shape, form, balance and structure, but also just as importantly will explore how it feels to make art. With a focus on sculpture in nature, birds and nests, pupils will look at artists such as local sculptor Lawrence Edwards, Mark Hearld and Marcus Coates.

MONDAY SPELLINGS & TIMES TABLES HOMEWORK WITH MRS WISEMAN: On Mondays, spellings and sentence homework will continue to be set. This must be completed every week and handed in on the following Monday. Sentence homework must be completed in pencil or using a school handwriting pen. 

Spellings will be tested on Mondays.  Times-tables facts will also be tested on Mondays and based on this pupils will be told which tables to learn for the following week. Please see a letter attached which explains our new approach to helping children learn their times tables.

Please ensure that your child brings their spellings book into school every week on Monday so that we can stick in new spellings. You will also be able to see how they got on in their tests and see which times tables facts they should be working on next. 

Children will be provided with ‘ look cover write check’ sheets to practise spellings and handwriting on. We will provide two sheets per week but if children need more practice sheets there will always be spares available in class.

OTHER HOMEWORK - MRS EVANS: Maths / other homework tasks will be set on Thursdays in the green homework book and should be returned by Wednesday morning at the latest please. Lots of lovely reading to be done too please!

*SWIMMING: Swimming commences this Wednesday 17th April, so named uniform, swimming kits and towels, snacks and drinks will be needed please!

*PE: Please ensure that your child comes into school wearing their PE kit on Tuesdays. Please could you make sure that your child’s PE kit and their school jumper are clearly labelled to ensure that lost property can be easily located. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns about your child’s well-being or their educational needs and please do continue to use the class message books (available in the school Reception area) or use Class Dojo to get in touch

Kindest regards

Mrs Evans and Mrs Wiseman


LINK TO SUBJECT KNOWLEDGE ORGANISERS:https://www.wilbyprimary.org.uk/Knowledge-organisers/)