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Owl Class











Welcome to Owl Class. We are a mixed Class of Year 4, 5 and 6  Pupils. Our           Class teacher is Mr Haynes and our teaching assistants are Mrs Havers, Mrs Muttock, Mrs Walpole and Mrs Coduri-Dunn.

We are also taught by Mrs Ryan for Brass on Monday afternoons, and on Tuesday afternoons Mrs Pickess teaches Art. PE is on Thursday afternoons, and is taught by Mr Chapman. Mrs Wiseman also teaches us RE on Friday mornings.

This term our new topic is ‘The Victorians’. The children will be finding out all about who Queen Victoria was, and how she guided Britain to become the largest empire the world has ever known. We will also look at industrialisation: what that meant for transport, lifestyle and Empire. We will also study the life of a northern mining town, and see how it was changed by industrialisation.

 In literacy we will be writing a report that shows our 'Healthy Me!' Knowledge, before moving on to look at some writing about Victorian times: we will read Berlie Doherty’s Street Child to learn about life as a poor child in Victorian London. We will then write our own Street Child diaries. We will then look at the writing of Kipling, before writing our own 'Just So Stories.'  

After half-term, our new topic will be The Ancient Greeks, in which we will find out all about this earlier empire: their gods, writing, temples and culture.

In group reading, we will continue to read our texts in sessions three times a week, to work on our reading comprehension skills.

In maths, we will work through the broader curriculum, covering every topic this term, to help prepare the year 6 pupils for the SATs, and help consolidate all these areas for the Year 4 and 5 pupils.

In science, we will be looking at Animals Including Humans before half-term, in which we will find out all about the body, digestion, and food chains. After half-term, we will study States of Matter, looking at changes in state between solids, liquids and gases.

Our class trip this term will be to Christchurch Mansion, in Ipswich, for a Victorian-themed day. The day will allow us to experience life as a Victorian child, learning about life in Victorian schools and homes.

Homework this term will continue to be focussing on the maths skills taught each week, and for some pupils there will continue to be an emphasis on knowing the times tables facts. Additionally, Year 6 pupils will have the revision books and timetables to follow, with specific tasks to complete each week for homework. Extra SPAG tasks will be given out throughout the term, as needed. Homework will be given out on Fridays, and books must be handed back in on Thursdays at the latest. Times tables and spellings tests will be on Thursday mornings. Year 4 children will be taking their mandatory times-tables tests later this year, so please make sure there is plenty of practice at home.

Brass instruments should be brought in on Mondays, and PE kits on Thursdays. There is no swimming this term.

Please refer to our class newsletter and/or diary dates on the website to find out more about special events and trips.

In the Autumn term, we were visited by Mike, from OneLife Suffolk. He taught us all about healthy eating, the importance of exercise, limiting screen time  and the human body. Our recent trip to 'Africa Alive!' allowed us to get up close to some of the animals we had been studying in our Africa topic. To link PSHE, Healthy Me! and our Africa topic together, we studied trade links between the consumers and producers of cocoa bean. We found that Fairtrade gives poor farmers and their communities a real advantage.

Class Information - things to remember!

  • Monday        Brass Instruments for lesson P.M
  • Thursday      PE kits needed for P.M.
  • Thursday      Homework to be handed in. Times tables and spellings tests.