Wilby Primary

Wilby CE Primary School
  • My favourite thing about Wilby is that we're all treated the same - everyone is equal
  • Science at Wilby is AWESOME!
  • I love all of my lessons because the teachers make them fun and interesting - there's always a new challenge
  • Wilby means I can be creative!
  • Our school offers us such wide opportunities including amazing tripsHenry
  • Wilby is just the best school on Earth
  • Dream Big and Work Hard and you can achieve anything at Wilby
  • If you find something hard at Wilby, you know that you will be helped to get there. There's nothing you can't do
  • I love our school because there is so much sport and music
  • Everyone here tries their hardest
  • We all have a Growth Mindset here - we like to make mistakes so you can learn from them
  • Wilby school is so cool!
  • Our brains are fantastic - we can do anything!
Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary

Gifted and Talented Provision

Schools are required to meet the needs of all of their learners and at Wilby primary School we ensure that we provide challenging lessons and other opportunities to extend the experiences of our 'Gifted and Talented' pupils. We recognise that Gifted children often need more support in school to ensure that they reach their full potential and that additional opportunities should be provided for them to enable them to extend their thinking.

For further details of our approach towards Gifted and Talented learning and how this is provided for look HERE.

Please also refer to our SEND policy which gives further information HERE.