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Owl Class - Years 4/5/6



 Welcome to the Owl Class page.

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 Welcome back to the Spring term. This term our new topic is ‘How are the UK and the USA Different and the Same?’ The children will be learning all about the huge variety in the physical geography of the USA, including the different climate zones and biomes to be found there, before comparing these with the UK’s. They will also be looking at the continents of North and South America, and where to find some of the different countries and capital cities. We will end by comparing some of the UK’s and the US’s most well-known landmarks, and then nominating new American Wonders of the World.

 After half-term, our topic will change to ‘Why are there Natural Disasters and how do they Affect People?’, and this will include a trip to Dunwich Museum and Priory to learn about coastal erosion.

 In literacy we will be continuing to study Shakespeare’s plays; in particular, Romeo and Juliet. We will look at the features of play scripts, and then focus on converting one into a piece of prose using modern language and direct speech. Following on from this, we will use our knowledge of the United States to help us write a travel brochure, persuading people to visit this vast and beautiful country. We will also work on plenty of grammar, punctuation and spelling.

In group reading, we will continue to read through various books, including: The Wreck of Zanzibar, by M. Morpugo; Journey to the River Sea, by E. Ibbotson; and Volcano! (Project X). We will continue with group reading sessions twice a week, developing our reading comprehension skills.

 In maths, we will work through the broader curriculum, covering every topic this term, to help prepare the year 6 pupils for the SATs, and help consolidate all these areas for the Year 4 and 5 pupils.

In science, we will complete our investigations in Forces, looking water resistance, friction and gears. We will then investigate Properties of Materials beyond half-term, in which we will determine the best materials for use at a music festival.

Homework this term will continue to be focussing on the maths skills taught each week, and for some pupils there will continue to be an emphasis on knowing the times tables. From next week, Year 6 pupils will have the revision books and timetables to follow, with specific tasks to complete each week for homework. Extra SPAG tasks will be given out throughout the term, as needed. Homework will be given out on Fridays, and books must be handed back in on Thursdays at the latest. Times tables and spellings tests will be on Thursday mornings.

 Brass instruments should be brought in on Mondays, and PE kits on Thursdays. There is no swimming this term.

Teacher: Mr Haynes

Mrs Havers

Mrs Walpole

Mrs Maurice