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Owl Class - Years 4/5/6



 Welcome to the Owl Class page.

We have a busy but exciting first term together which will be hard work, but fun too!

 Our first topic this term is World War One. We will look at both why and how the war began, how the battles were fought, the roles women played, and some of the more decisive battles in the war.

 In literacy lessons, we will be looking at some genuine diaries written at the time of WW1 and some poetry from the time. We will be writing our own diaries, exploring how it might have felt to be alive at the time, and writing our own poems to describe the experience of life in the trenches. After half term, our topic changes to The Changing Power of the Monarchs, and we will be writing informational texts about some of past rulers of England, including a brief exploration of Shakespeare’s life and works. We will then re-write our favourite moments from one of Shakespeare’s most loved plays.

 In maths, we will be continuing work on the whole curriculum, which means covering a number of topics, but really focussing hard on written and mental methods of calculation, and problem-solving. We will also do plenty of work on our times tables as well. 

  In science, we will be looking at Space, and making our own documentaries about how we know certain key theories about the nature of the cosmos, which will involve a mixture of research and experiment.

In ICT, we will be learning how to use movie-making software, and linking this to our science topic.

Music will continue to be on Mondays, with Mrs Ryan, so please remember to bring in your instruments on that day. French lessons will also be on Monday afternoons, which will be led by Mrs Walpole.

P.E. will be on Thursdays, and will be led by Mr Chapman and it is essential to remember your kit. We will be swimming on Wednesday mornings, so please do remember to bring in your swimming kit for these days (including hat).

RE will be on Fridays, with Mrs Wiseman, who will be teaching about the importance of the prophet Mohammed in Islam.

Homework will be given out on Fridays, and should be back in by the next Wednesday, and there will be weekly spellings and times-tables tests on Thursday mornings. Your tables to learn will be updated at the back of your homework book as needed.

I am really looking forward to welcoming the new members of Owl Class, for what will be a very exciting term, and I am sure it will be a great year for all!

Class teacher: Mr Haynes

Teaching assistants:

Mrs Havers

Mrs Walpole

Mrs Maurice