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'I can do all things through Him who gives me strength' (Philippians 4:13*) Wilby CE Primary School
  • Wilby is an awesome school packed full of caring students and teachers Gracie
  • We are all different but all equally important at Wilby Alfie
  • Wilby makes learning fun! Jonty
  • Wilby is just the most amazing school in the entire world! Harvey
  • We have a positive attitude towards being ourselves here. We know making mistakes is fine! It is how we learn Wren
  • Being a part of Wilby is like being part of a big family Alex
  • We have faith that everyone will do well and we make sure no one is left behind
  • I love Wilby because no one is left out
  • You are supported so you can achieve the very best at Wilby-it is a great place to be
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Owl Class Home-learning

18-2-22 Friday

Please log in to Mymaths for tasks set for today.

RE- The life and message of Muhammed

RE- Timeline

Science: Dissolving and solutions, click here for instructions.

1-2-22 Tuesday:

Lesson 1: Determiners. Work through the Powerpoint here and then complete the worksheet here (Blue*, Green**, Purple***).

Lesson 2: the subjunctive mood.

Learn about this very formal verb form, using this Powerpoint here, then write a letter to Mr Bieber explaining all!

31-1-22 Monday:

Maths lesson 1: 

Green- practise rounding, using page 3 here

Purple- practise rounding to the nearest 10000 here

Maths lesson 2:

Green & Purple- prime numbers have just 2 factors(one and themselves- factors are numbers an amount can be divided by). A composite number has more pairs of factors, e.g. 12 has the factor pairs 1&12; 2 & 6; 3&4. Practise here got Green and here for Purple.


28-1-22 Friday:

Spellings to learn for Group A: Sincere, sincerely, persuade, delicious, gracious, space, spacious, conscience, conscious, caution, cautious

Spellings to learn for Group B: Build, calendar, caught, arrive, exercise, experience, century, certain

ICT: finish your topic, comparing one UK city with at least one US city, using Word to make a chart that includes average rainfall, average temperature, degrees latitude and continent.

In RE today we are learning more about why Muhammad was chosen to by Allah to be his messenger

Intro: http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/clips/z9b9jxs -Muhammad and the Koran

Task 1-what we can tell about Muhammad from stories about him

Task 2-the life of Muhammad

The story of the crying camel


Year 6 Revision timetable (revised and UP-TO-DATE) HERE

 27-1-22 English:

In class today, children will be finishing their Big Write. If you have done that already, please download this work on prepositions here and here. If you want some advice about prepositions, there is a Parents' Guide here.



Maths lesson 1:

Blue- practise times here and here

Green- using mental methods for addition and subtraction- here

Purple- problem-solving using mental and written methods here and here

Maths lesson 2:

Blue- subtraction using column  method (not the expanded method shown) here

Green- subtracting by counting on with a number line here

Purple- subtracting by using a number line to count up to multiples of 1000 here



Please continue with the Romeo and Juliet Big Write. Try and remember to use a wide variety of passives, relative clauses, fronted adverbials, etc. Also focus on characterisation and setting.

I will set some Mymaths as well.



Maths lesson 1: Negative numbers

Green group here

Purple group here and here use the powerpoint for practice here

Maths lesson 2: More negatives

Green work

Purple work



Maths Lesson 1: multiplying decimals  Lesson Powerpoint

Green p2, Purple p3: sheet 1   sheet 2

Maths lesson 2: Roman Numerals

Main task (add two amounts on the bottom row to make the number on the next row up, to complete the pyramid): here

Extension task here



Skim and Scan reading practice- Blue  Green or Purple

Powerpoint for completing the Slow Write- try and finish what we began last week, Also, with a different colour pen, have a go at editing and developing your sentences (can you add another clause, a more powerful adjective, etc.?). 

Planning for your Romeo and Juliet narrative, here- remember, it's in modern times. Use bullet points to write down your main ideas for your Big Write- what details do you want to include? Also, find here the main points of the story.



2-12-21 English: 

Watch https://www.bbc.com/bitesize/clips/zx9kjxs about Shakespeare

Do further online research into the story of Romeo and Juliet; become familiar with the two feuding families.


9-11-21 English:

Research and make notes on the Magna Carta and King John.

Watch some of the following:





For topic, this afternoon, please do some research on a monarch of your choice, making a Powerpoint about them Please don't choose Elizabeth I (we'll be looking at her in detail in class). Use this site:



8-11-21 Maths:

P & Y maths Powerpoint to follow first

Purple (p3) and Yellow (p4) maths tasks sheet 1

P (p3) & Y (p4) maths tasks sheet 2

P & Y Extension X and div problems (answer with a sentence)

Green x and div problems (use written methods)




Parenthesis Lesson 1 ** for Green and *** for Purple (literacy groups)

Commas sheet 1  for lesson 2- commas for clarity

Commas sheet 2

Afternoon topic work- https://www.dkfindout.com/uk/history/kings-and-queens/ 

Try and become familiar with some of the monarchs from English history, and make a timeline of the houses, beginning with the House of Wessex, up to the present day.


3-11-21 Maths:

Green group division problems, using bus stop method.

Purple & Yellow division problems.


4-11-21 Maths:

Semicolons work lesson 1

Colons lesson 2


5-11-21 Science: 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiSqdZuvdI8 A look at forces.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/clips/zhmqxnb Gravity film

Try and draw all the forces involved in the photos here (see example at the end).