Wilby Primary

Wilby CE Primary School
  • Everyone is given the support they need to learn about important things like growth mindset and equality Immy
  • We are really creative at Wilby and there are lots of opportunities to express ourselves. Millie
  • Wilby is actually the best place on EarthElodie
  • We are a small school that is FULL of kindnessLuke
  • Everyone here gets along and works very hard as part of the same familyLila
  • I love Wilby because I can be myself!Martha
  • Dream Big and Work Hard and you can achieve anything at Wilby
  • Everyone here tries their hardest
  • Our brains are fantastic - we can do anything!
Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary

Wrap Around Care from September 2020

School Clubs and Extended After School Provision

Please read the September 2020 guidance for Wrap around Care HERE

Wrap Around Booking form HERE

3.15-5.15pm Monday to Thursday   3.15-4.15pm-Friday

Breakfast Club - 7.50-8.50 a.m per child

Children may have a cereal toast breakfast if required. Please tell staff when you arrive to register your child at 7.50am 

Monday colouring/art activities - Mrs Moss                                           
Tuesday Board games/ table tennis - Mrs Moss
Wednesday puzzles/games- Mrs Moss
Thursday Craft/ Wake and Shake - Mrs Moss
Friday ipads (educational activities) - Mrs Moss

Pupil behaviour: We have high expectations of pupil behaviour in Breakfast Club and ALL After School Clubs. If a pupil behaves inappropriately they will receive a warning, is they are poorly behaved on a second separate occasion they will not be able to attend after school provision until further notice.

After School Care

Activities provided by After School Care will include: Lego, homework supervision, craft and structured play activities. A range of activities will be available on any particular day.

Booking and payment arrangements for After School Care :

After School Care charges

£2.50 per hour for YR to Y6

£5.00 per hour for Pre-School aged pupils

Parents/ carers must complete a booking form each week and pay for provision in advance.

  • Booking forms MUST be received by Friday a.m the week before child care is needed. This applies for ALL Breakfast and After School care requests.
  • Bookings made during the week that child care is requested will not be accepted.
  • Pupils will not be able to attend Breakfast or After School Care unless a booking form and payment has been received.

Booking forms will be sent home in pupil book-bags on Monday mornings and spare copied will be available in the school entrance hall. A booking form can also be downloaded HERE

After school clubs from 3.15pm-4.15pm -NB Currently September 2020 all clubs are suspended due to Cornavirus social distancing requirements. Clubs will be reinstated as soon as possible

All teacher-led after school clubs are free of cost. 

(Please remember that Extended After School Provision can be purchased to follow on after a School Club has finished to continue until 5.15pm)

After School Clubs -September  2020


Lunch-time Netball Club-Mrs Samson

Maths-Extra Group: Aimed at Year 6 and pupils -Mrs Wiseman/Mr Haynes


Gym Club- Mrs Samson   



Sports Club-Dodgeball- Mr Chapman



Arts Award Club-Mrs Pickess / Science Club- Mr Haynes/ Multi Skills Club (YR,Y1 and Y2)- Mr Chapman


Lunch-Time  Girls Football

After school-Mr Chapman Sports Club-Football