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PE & Sports Funding                                                          

Review completed 2.5.24   Next review planned 2.9.24

What is it?

In the legacy of the British Olympic Games the Government are investing money to improve physical education and sport in primary schools. Schools can choose how they spend the funding within certain criteria.  

Funding received for 2023-24=£16707

At the end of the Spring Term 2023(end of the PE and Sports Funding Award period for 2022-23) a balance of 13,545.2 was remaining from the previous year's PE sports funding.

In line with Government  guidance the school has carried this forward into the new financial year and funding has been utilised thus far as detailed below:



Current budget position=-The total of remaining funds for 2023-24 =£20

Expenditure and impact of Sports Funding 2022-23


Activity/ Initiative



Proposed Impact

Actual impact up to review date


Offer free after-school sports clubs-for individual year groups only and two gymnastics clubs for Y2-Y6

for 2x Gym Clubs £840 

Premier sports Friday Club £1950

HLTA Sports Clubs (x2 each week)£1260

Increase pupil participation and appeal to pupils who are less likely to participate in 'usual' sporting activities

For at least 75% of pupils to be engaged in additional sporting activity-particular focus on SEN and FSM pupil involvement.


Both clubs up and running and well attended by all groups of children

75% attendance target achieved


Train lunch time play sports Leaders (adult and children) and purchase new play equipment/storage


Increase pupil participation in sport and introduce pupils to new games. Develop pupil leadership skills

For at least 75% of children to engage in an additional hour of physical play-based activity each week

Play leader scheme is well established for Foundation Stage and KS1 pupils (approximately 75%)


All Year 5/6 pupils have opportunity to attend 3 day residential challenging out-door adventurous activity (sailing/ water activities/ etc.) ) 



To inspire and encourage the children and appeal to pupils who are less likely to participate in 'usual' sporting activities

Children see that with effort and determination they can achieve their goals. That they feel inspired and encouraged by the performance of other sports men/ women. That they have the opportunity to identify an area of sport that they find particularly interesting.

  Horstead Activity Centre (Summer Term 2023)






British Gymnastics Membership 





Use of professional material and badges promote child participation and skills levels.

Access to coaching resources and certificates and badges for the pupils.



Completed for 2022-23


Bikeability training for all Y5/6 pupils


Ensure that all children receive appropriate safety training over a 5 day period

 All children have the opportunity to develop confidence and skills.

 Completed Autumn Term 2022




Coach/mini bus to provide transport to sporting activities   


Opportunities for pupils to access events. 



Increased pupil participation and attendance at events.


Children have participated in at least x3 additional inter-school sporting activities


Further notes on what this has meant for our school in 2022-23:


  • The School achieved the Gold level in the Schools Games Mark Awards again which means that we should achieve Platinum level in 2023 (4 years consecutively achieving Gold Level)
  • All pupils were able to engage in additional sporting activities including soft-ball, dance, archery and ultimate frisbee

Swimming for Y6:

  • swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres=100%
  • use a range of strokes effectively, for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke=100%
  • perform a safe self-rescue in different water-based situations=100%