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Wilby CE Primary School
  • Everyone is given the support they need to learn about important things like growth mindset and equality Immy
  • We are really creative at Wilby and there are lots of opportunities to express ourselves. Millie
  • Wilby is actually the best place on EarthElodie
  • We are a small school that is FULL of kindnessLuke
  • Everyone here gets along and works very hard as part of the same familyLila
  • I love Wilby because I can be myself!Martha
  • Dream Big and Work Hard and you can achieve anything at Wilby
  • Everyone here tries their hardest
  • Our brains are fantastic - we can do anything!
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Kingfisher Home-Learning


Monday 24.1.22

Blue group maths starter

Blue group maths activity 1

Blue group maths activity 2


Green group maths starter

Green group maths activity 1

Green group maths activity 2


Spelling Y3 group-spellings for this week

Y3 activity sheet 1

Y3 activity sheet 2


Spelling Y2 group-spellings for this week

Y2 activity sheets


Spelling Mrs Samson's group-spellings for this week

Spelling activity sheet (Also have a go at the other Y2 spelling activity sheets)


Year 2 times tables activities

Year 3 times tables activities


Tuesday 25.1.22

Blue (Square) Group Maths Powerpoint

Blue (Square) Group Maths

Blue Group Answers

Blue Maths Problem solving questions.

Green (Triangle) Group maths questions. 


English - Today I would like you write a description of the white witch from the Lion, the witch and the Wardrobe. 

White Witch Description. 

Wednesday 26.1.22

English - Write a Diary entry for Edmund meeting the White witch.

Topic - Today we are learning about Anglo Saxon place names. Use atlases to find settlements in the UK with Anglo Saxon place names. Can you find any local Anglo-Saxon settlements. Use an atlas or google maps to help.

Place names Powerpoint

Place name information

Place name sheet



Monday 17.1.22

Green group spelling 

Green group spelling sheet 1

Green group spelling Sheet 2

Blue group Spelling

Blue group spelling sheet 1

Blue group spelling sheet 2


Money Maths activity 1

Money maths activity 2


Tuesday 18.1.22

Blue maths group powerpoint lesson starter

Blue maths activity

Blue group literacy activity (select sheet 2)

Possessive apostrophes activity-Blue group

Possessive apostrophes Green group

Green Maths activity


Wednesday 19.1.22

In English the children are going to write a diary entry for Mr Tumnus and in History they are looking at artefacts to work out what they tells us. The resources are below.

There is also an additional activity for History today where children learn about a saxon village then cut out the pictures to make their own and label it with the labels. This could be added to their home learning. 

Artefacts information

Examining artefacts

Activity sheet historian questions

Artefact display photos

My Anglo saxon Village labels

My Anglo Saxon Village picture

Village life information slides


English task


Thursday 20.1.22

Today the children have been set some my maths tasks for home-learning. They need to log in to their own accout via the maymaths website. Personal log-in details will have been sent to your Class Dojo account.

We would also like the to do some work on apostrophes for contraction. Please choose the level(s) that you think are correct for you or work through them all:

Contractions-level 1

Contractions-level 2

Contractions-level 3


Friday 21.1.22

Blue maths A

Blue maths B

Green maths A

Green Maths B


Art activity to try for fun (but good for developing techniques too!)