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Wilby CE Primary School
  • Everyone is given the support they need to learn about important things like growth mindset and equality Immy
  • We are really creative at Wilby and there are lots of opportunities to express ourselves. Millie
  • Wilby is actually the best place on EarthElodie
  • We are a small school that is FULL of kindnessLuke
  • Everyone here gets along and works very hard as part of the same familyLila
  • I love Wilby because I can be myself!Martha
  • Dream Big and Work Hard and you can achieve anything at Wilby
  • Everyone here tries their hardest
  • Our brains are fantastic - we can do anything!
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Access our History Skills Progression chart HERE

Access our EYFS History Skills Progression chart HERE

At Wilby Primary School we aim to develop a child’s interest in the past and increase their knowledge of different eras of history.  We encourage and develop the appropriate vocabulary associated with the passing of time.  Through interesting lessons on various eras, we aim to help children understand the present by having an understanding of its historical origins. We give our pupils the opportunity to recognise that there are reasons why people acted as they did and help them to understand their own cultural roots and shared inheritance of our multicultural society.  Our history lessons teach a variety of skills, developing our pupils' ability to question, analyse, interpret and communicate.  

To enrich our study of history, we regularly arrange school trips to places of interest connected to the topic being studied and also invite experts into school to share their knowledge. We also find that theme days, when the children dress up and immerse themselves in the activities of a different period in time, really help to bring history alive.