Wilby Primary

'I can do all things through Him who gives me strength' (Philippians 4:13*) Wilby CE Primary School
  • Wilby is an awesome school packed full of caring students and teachers Gracie
  • We are all different but all equally important at Wilby Alfie
  • Wilby makes learning fun! Jonty
  • Wilby is just the most amazing school in the entire world! Harvey
  • We have a positive attitude towards being ourselves here. We know making mistakes is fine! It is how we learn Wren
  • Being a part of Wilby is like being part of a big family Alex
  • We have faith that everyone will do well and we make sure no one is left behind
  • I love Wilby because no one is left out
  • You are supported so you can achieve the very best at Wilby-it is a great place to be
Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary

Committee Membership

Governing Body Roles


Sophy Croskell

New Governor Mentor

Sally Brightwell

Vice Chair

Sally Brightwell

Link Governor

Sophy Croskell

Attendance Governors

Roisin Wiseman

Policy and Resource Governors

Roisin Wiseman

Sally Brightwell

E-Safety Governor


Governor Visit Co-ordinator

Sally Brightwell

GDPR Governor

Joe Cordy 


Sandra Apps

Wellbeing Governor

Sophy Croskell


Rebecca Spurling

Named Teaching, Learning & Assessment


Sandra Apps

Named Ethos Governor



Roisin Wiseman

Governor Named Health & Safety, Premises & Wellbeing Governor

Sophy Croskell

Statutory Roles.


Richard Court

Children in Care (CiC)

Sandra Apps

Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Pupil Premium Children. 

Sandra Apps

Statutory Committees – Hearings, Pupil Discipline, Appeals.

These meet only when required, and will consist of three Governors who will be selected from the Governor Body as appropriate in accordance with our Terms of Reference for each of these areas. Depending on the nature of the issue it may be necessary for Governors from partner schools to sit on these committees.


Further to a resolution by the Whole Governing Board on 26 September 2023, it was agreed to streamline the number governor committees. It was agreed to retain the Finance & Personnel Committee due to the nature of the discussions held at this meeting. It was agreed to disband the Health, Safety Wellbeing and Premises, Ethos and the Teaching, Learning and Achievement Committees in favour of named Governors for these three areas**. These areas will now be discussed within the whole of the governing body meetings.

Further to becoming part of The Tilian Partnership ("Tilian") on 1 December 2023, the Head Teachers Performance Committee will now be overseen by Tilian and not the governors.

**In the event of any specific issues arising, in any of these three areas, that requires significant action, a governor working committee will be created for this purpose.

The Finance / Personnel Committee is responsible for looking at all aspects of Finance within the School as well as issues regarding staff. Therefore they oversee how the money received by the School is spent during the year which ranges from buying exercise books, paying staff, having the grass cut to buying new laptop computers and everything in between. They are also responsible for monitoring staff performance, terms, conditions and pay. The focus of the committee alters depending on the time of the financial year but the underlying aim is to always ensure that the School gets the best value for money to allow us to give the children the best opportunities.

Named Governors

Named governors and the Whole Governing body also look at detail at the following areas:

Ethos: looking at how the School interprets its role as a Church School. This includes reviewing the School’s mission statement, how Christian values are integrated in school life and to ensure that children experience positive codes of behaviour and attitudes.

Teaching, Learning and Assessment: overseeing the work of the school in relation to attainment, achievement, targeting and monitoring, the use of pupil premium funding, Special educational Needs, including the gifted and talented, and all relevant policies. It aims to ensure that the whole School Curriculum, including Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is broad and balanced, relevant to the needs of all children and provides continuity and progression.

Health, Safety, Wellbeing and Premises : responsible for looking at all aspects of Health and Safety and staff Wellbeing at the School as well as the upkeep of our school building and grounds. 

Who does what on the Governing Body?

Each Governor has a range of responsibilities depending on which committee they are on and what additional responsibilities they may have. These may change from time to time, depending on the needs of the school and the individual. Our Chair of Governors receives reports from named governors and committees (save for the Head Teacher Performance Review) in order to ensure that she has a clear view of what is decided in each area.

**Head and Chair of Governors can attend any committee meeting by their request or invitation and contribute to quorate numbers if they are in attendance.

Current Committee Membership:

Finance / Personnel

(Quorum = three Governors)

Sally Brightwell (Chair)

Sophy Croskell**

Joe Cordy

Roisin Wiseman**

Jane Balls