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EYFS Writing and Maths


The Write Stuff: At Wilby School we have adopted ‘The Write Stuff’ approach to teaching writing which has been created by teacher and leading English consultant, Jane Considine 

As a school, all children from Reception to Year 4 learn to write through The Write Stuff approach. It is a fun, creative and rigorous approach to develop children’s writing. This approach allows children to apply basic skills, vocabulary and grammar knowledge to their writing. It helps them to write effective sentences, which are full of impact and keep the reader interested.

In The Write Stuff approach to writing, the children explore high level, rich vocabulary and are taught grammar in context through use of the writing lenses of the Writing Rainbow.

More information about this approach to teaching writing can be found on our website:

Wilby Primary - English  

In the Reception year the Write Stuff lessons are different in that children will be provided with an ‘experience’ each day which will create stimulus for vocabulary development, discussion and writing. In the early stages of the year all writing will be teacher modelled and the focus will be on exposing children to a rich vocabulary which they can use in their talk. This will develop as the year progresses, until they are eventually writing their own sentences and applying the basic grammar skills (parts of a sentence) that they have been taught to their own work.


Maths is taught as a whole year group each day. We follow a programme called Mastering Number which you can find out more about on our website:

Wilby Primary - Maths  which also explains our whole school methodology of teaching maths using a mastery approach.

Maths concepts are taught very practically with lots of resources so that the children can readily make links between number and shape, and the world around them. Following a maths lesson, the children will work with an adult in a small group, engaging in a game or activity that supports the focus of the maths lesson. Their maths skills will also be embedded and developed by the activities which are provided as part of our CP activities.

Activities will include number and number patterns. Children will have access to jigsaws, counting games, pattern boards, shape puzzles, matching, sorting, sequencing activities and number rhymes. Working with manipulatives such as numicon, ten frames etc. is core to how we teach Maths.