Wilby Primary

Wilby CE Primary School
  • My favourite thing about Wilby is that we're all treated the same - everyone is equal
  • Science at Wilby is AWESOME!
  • I love all of my lessons because the teachers make them fun and interesting - there's always a new challenge
  • Wilby means I can be creative!
  • Our school offers us such wide opportunities including amazing tripsHenry
  • Wilby is just the best school on Earth
  • Dream Big and Work Hard and you can achieve anything at Wilby
  • If you find something hard at Wilby, you know that you will be helped to get there. There's nothing you can't do
  • I love our school because there is so much sport and music
  • Everyone here tries their hardest
  • We all have a Growth Mindset here - we like to make mistakes so you can learn from them
  • Wilby school is so cool!
  • Our brains are fantastic - we can do anything!
Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary

Collective Worship Leads (CWL/Cool team)

Our Collective Worship Leads (CWL or 'Cool'-group !) create and lead their own assemblies.

CWL members are selected from Years 5 and 6 by class members twice a year. The children must give a short presentation on why they would be suitable for the role of CWL which is followed selection through a democratic voting process.

CWLs not only plan the assemblies but they also write/ select prayers, choose music/ songs and evaluate their own and staff- led assemblies. Their assemblies use a combination of story-telling, drama and audience participation.

Spring/ Summer term 2017 CWL: Robert Handley, Johnny Mortimer, Josie Palmer and Ava Wilkinson


Some of our CWL team pictured in the newly developed Quiet Garden area.